A berlin kabaret

Sphinx Theatre presents A Berlin Kabaret

Originally supported by Oxford University, Crisis Skylight, Unity Theatre, David Teale Foundation and the Sylvia Waddilove Foundation, with funding from Arts Council England.

From 20s Weimar Cabaret of gay and feminist liberation A Berlin Kabaret transports us across the Atlantic to the damning propaganda of McCarthy’s America. The show includes powerful songs and chilling documentary testimony, set against a backdrop of the burning streets of Berlin, which reflect personal and political dilemmas that feel as sharply relevant now as they did when they were first written.

Five star performers sing classic songs of resistance, love and exile by the political writers of the 20th century from Europe and the USA. A Berlin Kabaret engages a whole new generation of audiences, reminding us that “those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

Lyricists and composers include:

Irving Berlin, Bertolt Brecht, Elton Britt, Hanns Eisler, Friedrich Hollander, Hans Leip, Carson Robison, Marcellus Schiffer, Norbert Schultz, Kurt Schwabach, Mischa Spoliansky, Kurt Tucholsky, and Joseph Atkins.

With English Translations by Jeremy Lawrence, Eric Bentley, Peter Cox and Jessica Walker.

It’s a passionate tour de force from the impressive quartet of performers who hold the audience spellbound throughout with their superb voices and powerful characterisation.

Pick of the Day, Brighton on the Inside

Sphinx Theatre brought a different class to the fringe this year.

The Latest, 5 Stars

On one level, A Berlin Kabaret! is an audacious attempt to unpack historical moments through the music of the time, though that’s not all it is. Far from being an academic undertaking, the show is more a medley of funny and thought-provoking tunes from some of the century’s best songwriters.

The Brighton Source

Creative Team


Sue Parrish


Joseph Atkins

Musical Director

Peter Cox


Paul Dart


Cressida Carré and Philip Aiden


Isabel Sharman

Assistant Director

Cast for the 2018 regional tour: Alison Arnopp, Lynwen Haf Roberts, Richard Maxted and Luke Ward-Walton


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